About Vicki Barker

   Vicki Barker is an award-winning London-based writer and broadcaster. Her most recent work includes covering the 2015-2016 terror attacks in Paris and Brussels for CBS Radio, as well as reporting on British cultural and political affairs for National Public Radio.

   Barker spent eight years as a Washington correspondent for UPI Radio before moving to London in 1989 to become London correspondent, and then London bureau chief, for NBC/Mutual Radio. In 1992, Barker joined CNN's London bureau as a producer; she also reported out of London and Berlin for CNN International. Barker also spent two years free-lance reporting out of London for CNN's World Business Today program, CNN News, NPR and NBC Radio.

   She hosted the BBC World Service's morning world news program for US listeners, "World Update," from its inception in 1997 until 2003.

   In 2005 she produced "Reinventing the Newswheel in a World of Expanding Markets and Shrinking Natural Resources," a 35,000 word report initially commissioned as a resource for BBC news managers, but then made available to a wider readership. The report attempted to answer the question: "How would economics coverage change if we could reinvent it today, incorporating what we now know about global environmental and economic trends?"

For better or worse, her 4-part 2005 radio documentary for the BBC World Service, "The Changing Face of Global Power," introduced the wider world to the concept of the "BRICs" -- Brazil, Russia, India and China as rising powers. She has also moderated panel discussions at the World Bank.

    Barker's reporting assignments have also included the 1988 Bush campaign; the 1989 Salvadoran elections and accompanying FMLN offensive; the Gulf War and Kurdish refugee crisis; the 1991 Soviet coup; the 1996 exhumation of the mass graves near Srebrenica, in Bosnia; Pope John Paul II's 1998 trip to Cuba; the Northern Ireland peace referendum, and the 2000 US elections.

   Her reporting of the 2016 Paris terror attacks; of the 2011 Tahrir Square "Arab Spring" uprising, and of Israel's war with Hezbollah helped earn CBS Radio Edward R. Murrow awards. Her reporting on the 1991 Gulf War and the fall of the Soviet Union earned gold and bronze medals at the National Headliner Awards.

   She is a published poet, an unpublished novelist, and contributed the Middle East chapter to "Crimes of the Scene: A Mystery Novel Guide for the International Traveller" (by Nina King; St. Martin's Press, 1997).

   Barker is a graduate of Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. She has Master's degrees from Johns Hopkins University's Writing Seminars and Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, and an honorary doctorate from Kenyon College.

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